Tuesday, November 30, 2010

www.GoldenMasterMind.com - Personal Development and Network Marketing Resources - Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc

There are three basic steps you need to keep in mind when starting your own home business: 1. Taking action; 2. embracing money; and 3. creating a message. Okay, so taking action is self-explanatory, but this has to be a consistent effort, based on a preset plan with very specific goals in mind. Embracing money is the concept that in order to attract money, you must understand that money is about positive energy, and accepting this positive energy into your life is essential for success. Creating a message is all about personal branding, your customer base has to trust and like you to connect with you, and accept what you have to offer. To create a personal brand, you absolutely must have a very good understanding of who you are, what you have to offer that is desirable, and last but not least a way to expose yourself that will attract good business. In other words, what you need to become a highly productive entrepreneur is a sense of pride in what you do, and confidence in your purpose. Your marketing plan must also encompass your understanding of people's needs, so how you present your products / services to the world will make or break your business. Your target audience is going to want personalized communication, so be sure to know your market well. I recommend these books as a start to building the proper mindset: www.GoldenMasterMind.com - Personal Development and Network Marketing Resources - Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc

How Chris Ducker Went From Chained To A Desk To Running His Company Virtually In Less Than 365 Days | The Rise To The Top

Just set it and forget it kind of business: it's all about how you do it, not how much for this revolutionary entrepreneur: How Chris Ducker Went From Chained To A Desk To Running His Company Virtually In Less Than 365 Days | The Rise To The Top. In life as in business, one must understand the difference between hard and smart work. Yes, a business can only be sustained by working at it consistently and effectively, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to be chained to your desk. In fact, in today's market more and more business entrepreneurs find themselves going off and living their dream life, and THIS is exactly what brings them fortune and also appreciation by others, who are still chained, chained, chained to a desk, in a small cubicle, suffocating their full potential. The future of business is out there, at your favorite cafe, on the beach, at a golf course (as big business already knew it), or mountain biking. But, you have to first decide what you are worth to yourself if you want to become your own boss, and live life on your own terms. The next step to becoming a success in business is to go soul searching and find out what you have to offer to the world that is unique and positive. This is the secret of many people's success, and success has to be earned, not the hard way anymore, but the fun way. And as it turns out, fun is what is in your heart, anything less than that is not good enough.

3 Entrepreneurship | Virtual Business Lifestyle

Virtual Business and Lifestyle Design go hand-in-hand; if you want to be an entrepreneur, then you have to begin with your mindset. It is not the opportunity that will make you find your way, but your way will make whatever-the-opportunity work for you. Entrepreneurs are natural leaders in the business arena. There is no two-ways about it. To lead others there has to be something inside you that is shining, a compass of sorts. In fact, you become the shining light, the compass to others in business. How do you become your-own-boss? It is a process that can be quite a challenge because it involves having an internal drive that cannot be stopped from obstacles. In fact, a successful entrepreneur loves obstacles, likes it when people say no, and understands that success is not a one-time sale, or based on the positive feedback of one customer, or even many. Success is a lifestyle, and it is all about listening to your inner voice that shows you how to create a "Highly Productive Lifestyle", as Jonny Gibaud, a lifestyle designer explains here. Enjoy!

MLM Trainers :: Brian Beckman

Are there enough MLM trainers out there? Well, the best way to promote your own business is to help others promote theirs, right?! There are trainers out there who are only in the business of coaching others to succeed, the Anthony Robbins-type personal development gurus. Other trainers only offer coaching and marketing tools as a way to build their customer base, or email lists, in order to be able to make more sales in their primary business. This is otherwise known as the funded proposal. What is a funded proposal? Put simply, if you can't make a sale in your primary business, say it's selling beauty products, then you want to sell a marketing tool to the prospect. This of course, works better in network marketing when your prospects are already involved in sales. In fact, many network marketers only target other network marketers to build their downline. In the process of recruiting, if they can't sell the primary opportunity, they sell you their brand new marketing tool.

Facebook vs Google Me | Who's Blogging What (web marketing edition) July 1, 2010

Does your business want to be "Liked" or "Linked" by its customers? The age old question of "to be or not to be" has a whole new feel to it, because for a business to thrive online, it obviously needs a website that gets visitors to want to return (and shop, shop, shop). The dilemna here is whether a business that wants major online mojo wants to be Googled or Facebooked (that's not a term yet, so I guess Facebook is not as big a giant as Google), that is Liked on Facebook. Oh, to be liked, it's quite ingenious, isn't it? Finally, online network marketing is simply about having friends like you on Facebook. For more insight on this, check out this blog at WhosBloggingWhat: Facebook vs Google Me | Who's Blogging What (web marketing edition) July 1, 2010

Local Search Marketing using Foursquare | rYnoweb by Chuck Reynolds

The Internet is becoming local again with this fun and interesting way to promote a business. It is called FourSquare and it's gaining ground in the world of viral marketing with a game twist. Promotion becomes like a game, as if it wasn't already, but it is nice because the people doing the marketing are customers. So this means that a business has to make sure the customer is a happy camper, or else they may lose at this real-life Monopoly game. You can find the ins and outs of how FourSquare works at this blog post: Local Search Marketing using Foursquare | rYnoweb by Chuck Reynolds

Will Review Sites Destroy Organic Search?

One of the best ways to get noticed on the Internet is to create a following of happy, loyal, and satisfied customers. Some companies take a negative attitude towards promoting themselves on the Internet, which ultimately fails them miserably. But they do get ranked by the search engines higher than more honest companies that do their utmost to make their client base happy shoppers. So who's fault is this? The dishonest companies, or the search engines system of ranking? Read this article about it to decide for yourself: Will Review Sites Destroy Organic Search?