Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MLM Trainers :: Brian Beckman

Are there enough MLM trainers out there? Well, the best way to promote your own business is to help others promote theirs, right?! There are trainers out there who are only in the business of coaching others to succeed, the Anthony Robbins-type personal development gurus. Other trainers only offer coaching and marketing tools as a way to build their customer base, or email lists, in order to be able to make more sales in their primary business. This is otherwise known as the funded proposal. What is a funded proposal? Put simply, if you can't make a sale in your primary business, say it's selling beauty products, then you want to sell a marketing tool to the prospect. This of course, works better in network marketing when your prospects are already involved in sales. In fact, many network marketers only target other network marketers to build their downline. In the process of recruiting, if they can't sell the primary opportunity, they sell you their brand new marketing tool.

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