Monday, December 6, 2010

Branding Gets Your Company Noticed

To develop a branding strategy that gets your company noticed, you must ask yourself three important questions:
§         Who represents your target market?
§         How does your product or service answer their needs?
§         What is unique about you and your company compared to others in the same industry?

Get to know your target market, so you are able to correctly identify the needs and desires of your potential clients. This in turn will help you specify which products and services will benefit them, and this impacts your branding strategies.  For example, if you're in the Health and Wellness industry, most likely your target market will be people from the baby boomer generation. 

When you get to know them, you might find that one of their concerns is the quality of life that they lead as they get older.  So one of your branding guidelines should be to promote the quality products your company offers.  These could be vitamins and dietary supplements whose benefits are supported with clinical studies.  This way, you know that you are answering the needs and fulfilling the desires of your target market.

Corporate branding and personal branding is all about finding out and promoting what is unique about you and your company.  You must be clear on your philosophy (zero impact on the environment, for example), your vision (providing products that help people live healthier lives), your value (one-of-a-kind product line), in other words the value you offer.

Branding, ultimately, is a promise of value to your potential clients and customers.  It is a promise of an experience unique to who you are, what your company represents, the specific services that will be of benefit to the customers, and the perfect product that fulfills their needs and desires.

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